Image Preview in plain text files planned?

Hi @jessegrosjean!

I’m looking for an outliner app for plain text files that offers image preview for linked images – that’s what currently forces me to stay with OmniOutliner instead of switching to plain text. Will Bike have that functionality in the future?

Thanks for your great work!

It may be worth looking at Brett Terpstra’s Marked2, which previews plain text files with inline images. It’s a useful adjunct to Bike, especially when you want to print.

( Marked2 expects Markdown / HTML by default, and also accepts custom pre-processors)

I do expect/hope to add this feature to bike eventually, but it’s fairly low priority right now and I have a lot of other features that I plan to add first. I would say images and attachments are at least a year out… and that’s really my way of saying I have no clue when, but not soon.

The major difficulty is macOS sandbox environment. To support images and other attachments I either need to build a workspace (ie you are browsing multiple files in sidebar) style UI or define a new folder based file format. Both possible, but both require some work.

In the meantime (as @complexpoint notes) using Marked might be a quicker path but that will still require some work on Bike first. First step is to get rich text (images would generally be handled in some code) working. And good news, that’s what I’m actually working on now (the general rich text, not images).

@complexpoint Thanks for you reply! I occasionally use Marked2 already, but what I really want is the image preview in the editor. I don’t usually need a rendered output in addition to having the file opened in the editor – have too little screen space for that…

Okay, thanks for the info :slight_smile: Maybe the new version of FoldingText will offer it earlier than that. Otherwise I’ll just have to cope :wink:

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