Image / file attachment support?

Hi Jesse, thanks for your work here. I’ve been looking for a good outliner tool and I’m excited to try Bike out.

For me image support is very important, and when I saw that you said the format is a subset of HTML I thought images might be supported in this first version.

When I tried pasting an image in, the app hung then crashed:

After I tried pasting in a much smaller image, I noticed that it was pasting the binary image contents as text, so the previous crash was probably exhausting a buffer somewhere.

I’m curious – is image support planned for a future release? Thanks again for all of your work!

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Image support is on my list, or really I would say attachment support with a thumbnail is more likely how I would implement it. With that said I don’t want to promise it at this point. The tricky part is attachments and text files and macOS sandbox don’t work easily together. To make it work I’ll likely need to define a new bundle format, possible, but maybe a chunk of work that’s hard to finish.


Thank you!