I'm new with TP 3 - confused about appearance and customisation


Hi all,

I’m new at Taskpaper 3 (Preview 178) and love it. However, I’m a little confused about a few things regarding the appearance (themes and tickboxes and customisation.


For starters, my TP currently looks like this, see image:

  • There are no tickboxes
  • and empty lines still have that red little bullet …


From the forum and elsewhere I can see that there are many themes available - and I found my TP themes folder, but I have not yet found a way to change my theme.
For reference, this is how my Settings look:

I can’t see any Theme Changer or so, so how do I activate a new theme?
(My themes folder has a few themes in it, with the .taskpapertheme extension)

So far for now,
thanks a lot in advance for any pointer!!


Earlier version of TaskPaper 3 preview replaced the leading dashes of Tasks with a checkbox. So you might see those in some older screenshots. But I (will some help) decided that it was better to just leave them as dashes, so everything didn’t visually turn into a todo list.

You can still click on the leading dash to add the @done tag. Or use Command-D. Going forward I might add an option to add checkboxes back in, but that will be post 3.0 if it happens.

Here’s some notes on installing and creating themes in TaskPaper 3:



Hey Jesse, thanks so much getting back to me.
The tickbox, sure, got it, thanks - must have been the older screenshots I saw.
The Themes - yep, of course, I had a look at that part of the documentation - but as far as I can see it doesn’t explain me how to change/switch the theme ie. choose another existing theme.

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear

  • my application support/taskpaper/themes folder now has a couple of themes, which I downloaded from here/somewhere.
  • my question is: how can I activate any of those themes that sit in that folder?
    • or: do I have to adjust or overwrite the less.css file everytime I want to switch the theme?

I feel like I’m missing a step here - any help is greatly appreciated,


Ahh… TaskPaper 3 only supports a single theme right now. The one stored in the Application Support folder and named theme.less. So to change that theme you need to edit that file directly.

Eventually I’ll add support for switching between various themes somewhere in the Application UI, but right now you’ll need to edit theme.less anytime you want to change a theme.