Ideas for touch bar support in TaskPaper?

I’m looking to add touch bar support in the next release. Any thoughts or requests on what should be included in the touch bar? Some ideas:

  • Escape
  • Add Item
    • On Press/Hold Go to subgroup of project, tasks, note
  • Tag @done
  • Tag @due
  • Tag With…
  • Go to Anything
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Perhaps swipe/slider (left ⇄ right) for (less ⇄ more) outline expansion ?

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Expand/Collapse is a good idea. That’s probably the hardest standard command TaskPaper keyboard shortcut.

With that said I’m not sure if I’ll do a touch bar right away or not. I was planning on it, but after playing with it this afternoon TaskPaper doesn’t seem like the ideal fit. TouchBar be seems good for apps (like image editor) where most commands are mouse based. But for TaskPaper the “standard” commands are already easily keyboard accessible. I’m sure I’ll add TouchBar support at some point, but I’m not sure if there is much payoff for the time investment at this point. Especially since most users won’t have a touchbar to start with.

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I agree – to be honest I’m not sure that I would personally spend much time using a keyboard that lacked a physical escape key :slight_smile:

“Especially since most users won’t have a touchbar to start with”

I will tomorrow😃 would love support but no rush.

No fair! After you try it out for a few days please post here on what you would like to see in it from TaskPaper. Can’t promise that I’ll agree, but when I started adding the feature it quickly became clear that I had no feel for what would be useful in the touch bar.

Generally I would like to start out very minimal I think and build up from there. So for instance I think a search icon would make sense, to jump to the searchbar. Anyway let me know once you’ve been using it for a bit with other apps.

For the curious who’d like to know what it’s like: Red Sweater has released Touché, a virtual Touchbar that’s free and somewhat useful. FYI: It requires the very latest build of Sierra.

This question is and will remain a theoretical exercise for me, at least until Apple releases new desktops with (presumably) Touchbar-equipped keyboards. Anyway a few uses I can think of for TaskPaper:

  • Switching views (saved searches).
  • Toggling tags (with one “button” per tag).
  • Incrementing/decrementing tag values by sliding up/down on the respective tag “button”.

Agreed. Unless one is designing/utilizing/configuring numerous aspects/ratios/outlines/etc, Touch Bar seems like a (tad-bit) of overkill.

TaskPaper already does everything and more with ‘simple’ track pad/mouse/keyboard shortcuts, especially once I research and watch/read the instructional(s).

'Still trying to figure out what Apple intends for the Touch Bar. - No one wants to touch their Mac screen, so they can’t use that like one would use an iPad/iPhone.

Work In Progress…?

You are all way more advanced than me, so these are just ‘musings.’

Yes please happy to test… I think its a case of taking some of the keyboard shortcuts that people love to use or should use and make them up front and center… Ill have a think and look at my other apps and try and come back with some ideas…

Here’s my list of nominees:

  • Item Move Up/Down

  • Format As… Project/Task/Note

  • Begin Editor Search

  • Tag with… -> switch modes to list tags

Also happy to test.

Note too that the touch bar is like the tool bar on Mac apps, configurable by the user, so you could implement all these suggestions and let us pick :grinning:

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  • Move up and down
  • Done
  • Archive Done
  • Import reminders
  • Format as Project/ Task / Note

Here’s what I ended up making with BetterTouchTool (only 17 months later!)

Toggle Sidebar | Move Item Up | Move Item Down | Format as Project | Task | Note | Show Editor Search | Hide Editor Search | Tag @done

This is optimised for organising – you can keep your right hand on the arrow keys and use your left hand to move items up/down and change their type. You can also use your left pinky to tab and your left pinky and right ring finger on shift to back tab. Sounds awkward but very fluid in practice.

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