I miss the black logo. @nitpicky



The current logo might need another round of tweeks, but I think I’ll keep red. The original 1.0 logo was red, so this is really returning to the authentic original… if that matters :smile:


This is really bothering me as well. I’m hoping this icon is a work in progress. But as it is, the red logo looks like a bright traffic light glaring at me from the dock. Just a small tweak to make the red less intense would help a lot.

The black and white logos for FoldingText, WriteRoom, and TaskPaper 2 all have a really nice zen calm about them. It really conveys the idea of focus and simplicity.


+1 I also don’t like the red colour. I like the previous darker icon.


Original doesn’t mean better. I agree about the red. Please go back to black.


@redsleeves @alexroper @slyfogh @Berzerk … thanks all for the feedback.

I’m still focusing on code right now. I don’t think I’m going to think much about the icon for a few more weeks and I try to get the code right. And as I’ve said, I am still pretty sure that I want to use some form of “red” for the icon.

In the meantime if any of you want to try to make something that you like better (maybe convince me) here’s the original Artwork that you can use as a starting point.


I’ve always missed the red logo since you changed it to black - keep it!


Sorry about this thread :wink: