I love the name "Bike"

I love the name “Bike,” not just for the “bicycle for the mind” reference, but because I just caught myself saying, “Oh, I should make a Bike for [whatever thing I was thinking about]!” and it occurred to me that’s such a lovely metaphor. Not just the app but each document being a little bike that gets conjured into existence as needed, and rides off on its own little bike ride, going wherever it needs to go. Actual bicycles and this app both seem to me to fit into a category of “sweet spot technology”—elegant, simple, pleasing, transparent, and human-scaled.

Also I just recently “got” the concept of “Focus In” and “Focus Out.” I’ve always kind of thought of an outline as a long, linear document that you can fold up parts of for tidiness and visual clarity, but once I started using the “focus” concept, I realized it adds a whole 'nother “depth” dimension to the document, and suddenly the simple text-filled window in front of me became this whole big fractal mansion, ready to be explored!

I moved this to own topic, the “About Bike” topic that it was sent to is really just an implementation detail of the forum.

Anyway thanks, and glad you found focus in/focus out. That’s the command I use most often when navigating my outlines.