I got charged $11.99 instead of $9.99 😕

I got charged $11.99 when I followed the purchase link. I only saw the $9.99 price once I’d downloaded and opened the app. :sweat:

Also there was no info on the taskpaper.com homepage or the TaskPaper App Store page indicating that there was a 7 day trial - otherwise I would have waited til after my trial expired to purchase.

Is the extra $1.99 for tax or something? (I’m from the UK, we’re not used to paying tax separately!) I just wanted to check that I’m not being overcharged. It’s still a good price, I just felt a little confused by the price difference, that’s all. ^.^

Sorry for the bad surprise, yes it’s for VAT tax.

But I’m surprised when you checked out it wasn’t indicated anywhere that you’ed be charged 11.99 because of the tax? I’m using Paddle.com as my payment processor, and I checked a box on there site to add VAT onto the price instead of taking it out of the 9.99… but I thought that would have been displayed when you made your purchase. Anyway I’ll contact them and see what they say.

I just checked… according to Paddle’s website you should have seen the higher price listed when you made your actual purchase. Do you think you might have missed that part, or are you pretty sure it wasn’t there?

Yes, you’re right, it did tell me that I was being charged $11.99 immediately.

I was just confused because upon first opening TaskPaper (before I’d put my Licence Key in) there was a banner saying I had a trial of 7 days, but that I could purchase the app for $9.99. I was worried I’d been overcharged.

Now that I look at my email receipt - it has the price broken down into $9.99 and $2.00 (tax). Sorry for the confusion.

It might be nice to mention the 7 day trial on the homepage somewhere though. Just to make it clear that you can download and try TaskPaper for free before making a purchase.

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