Hyperlink Projects in Curio

Wow, I am loving using Curio. It’s given me something I did not have before and it is working great with TaskPaper. In Curio I can create what it calls “Idea Spaces”, essentially blank canvases with space for text, videos, links, graphics - just about anything. Within a Ideas space I can put a link to a document I am working on, links to things I am doing research on, and also mind maps, lists, it’s pretty cool.

What it took me a while to discover is that Curio also uses hyperlinks. Wow, that changes everything. That means that in any idea space buried no matter how deep in any Curio document, I can select a text box, graphic, or whatever, and select copy hyperlink. Then I paste that same link in a TaskPaper todo item. It is the same as a file link only it starts like this:


That means that, when I am needing to work on a part of a project, and I set a TaskPaper todo to remember this, I can simply go into the Curio document where I am working on that project, go to the step I need to work on, and copy the hyperlink. Then paste that link into the TaskPaper task.

Then when I work on the TaskPaper task I simply click on the link and Curio opens and goes to the exact location as I had taken the hyperlink from.

Man oh man, loving this.

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