How to Sync task lists between two Macs

Is it possible to sync Task lists between two Macs? I’m not a programmer and not terribly comfortable using terminal. I’m looking for the simplest way possible to share or sync task lists. Thank you in advance for any help.

Yes you can use a service like Dropbox or iCloud to do that for you.

Assuming you have iCloud:

  1. Create a new TaskPaper document
  2. Choose Save, and In the save dialogue choose one of the iCloud locations
  3. Once you’ve saved to that location you should be able to go to another computer that’s logged into the same iCloud account and open your document from that same location.

Depending on how much sense that all makes you might want to do some general “How do I use iCloud Drive” searches to learn more. Here’s the first result that I came up with:

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Hi Jesse,

Great, thank you for your helpful reply.

Is there a non-cloud way to do this?

I’m not sure what you mean by “non-cloud”… but generally you will need a server to perform a sync of files between two Macs. Another common service for keeping files in sync between computers is (or just strait git tool), but those are more programmer oriented. Lots of other tools for syncing files between computers, but again they are mostly programmer oriented.

Non-cloud, meaning no use of cloud computing. I find that for my simple needs, transporting files on a flash drive is faster and easier than a network connection, and I generally prefer to not use the cloud. For TaskPaper, it would be more ideal if I did not have to retype tasks based on which computer I’m using on any given day.

TaskPaper is a Mac OS document based app – meaning that your files are saved (as plain text in TaskPaper’s case) wherever you want on your computer as plain old files. You can certainly save them to a flash drive for moving between computers… but TaskPaper doesn’t have any build in sync technology that will merge changes between two different files.

You could use synchronizing software to sync your Taskpaper files between computers without using cloud computing. One possible choice would be ChronoSync. It has been in use by Mac owners for years – probably over a decade. I don’t use it personally because I use Dropbox for syncing – it encrypts my files and downloads them to three other computers. Additionally it allows me to recover previous versions of files for 30 days. However, I would be very confident in using ChronoSync to sync my files between my computers. It was recommended not too long ago by a respected member of a computer group that I belong to.