How to make Bike save expanded rows and selection

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+1 for saving state between app opens (well, between document opens, really). Right now when I close and reopen a bike document, it reopens with every single line fully expanded. So I have to go through and collapse everything, then reopen just the ones I wanted open…

@npydyuan I’m not having the same problem with my Bike docs. If I’ve folded something up, quit, restart then the same areas are still folded. Perhaps you documents are very different from mine (maybe much longer). Or I’m misreading your post.

This is working for “app” opens, Bike will restore your open documents state, but it is not working when you close and then reopen a document.

This is a design decision, though I’m not sure if it’s the correct one. Right now I’m using the standard macOS document restoration behavior. Which says keep that sort of temporary state when a document is left open and restored on next app launch… but discard that state of a document is closed.

I can also start saving that state within the document which I “think” might be a better experience, but it also isn’t the way most Mac apps work.

To be clear, it does open to the last focused row including what is expanded/collapsed, but it does not return the selection row state. It will always put the cursor to the top of the document.

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So I just opened a Bike document, made changes including expanding and collapsing various rows, saved the document, quit the app, reopened the app. What I see whe the app launches is the default blank new document. When I then reopen the document I had been working on, every row is fully expanded.
What I was trying to say I would prefer is to have my documents remember which rows were collapsed and which were expanded. Based on the comments here, it seems this behavior is different for others?? Or am I just completely missing something or perhaps not explaining myself well…

@npydyuan go into your General System Preferences

Do you have Close windows when quitting an app checked? If you do that’s the behavior that you’d see I believe.


This should be possible to make work. That’s how it works on my computer, but it does have two things you need to do:

  1. Make sure that “System Preferences > General > Close windows when quitting an app” is not checked.

  2. When you close Bike you need to quit the app, but leave the document windows open. If you first close the document windows no state will be saved.

Edit It also shouldn’t really matter if you save your document or not This state is stored separate from the document file. This process is all controlled by underlying macOS code frameworks.

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