How to insert the current date quickly at TaskPaper 3?

I insert the current date to my tasks and notes quite often. Currently, I press Cmd+D and delete @done(). Any better way I can insert only the current date quickly? Thanks in advance.

You can use the “Tag with…” that is called my typing Cmd t and then use something like start. Immediately after that, you will be presented with a calendar. Just type enter once more and it will add today’s date.

Thanks for the tip, Victor, but what I want is just to insert the current date without any tag.
e.g. Meeting Notes, 2016-11-01
Any way I can have the calendar without typing a tag?

Using the Command Palette with “Insert Date” should do what you want or you can use “Edit > Insert Date” from the menubar. You will have the calendar popup and just press enter for the current date

Thanks. It is what I wanted. I have assigned a short-cut key for the menu.

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