How to exclude Archive project when searching?

I like to search all not done tasks (not @done) except those in the Archive project. Could you tell me a search example?

Just to make sure what you want.

  • You want all the tasks that are not done

* not @done///*

  • But you do want to see the done tasks on the Archive project.

not @done///* except /Archive

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Thanks for the reply, but I can still see tasks under the Archive project with the following search.

But that is exactly what you wanted. To see all the tasks that are not done, except [those done tasks] that are in the Archive project.

Could you please repeat what you want? Since the “Archive” project consists of done tasks, do you mean to get all the tasks that are not done? If that is what you want, just type,

* except @done///*

That says. Get me all the tasks, except those that are done and its children.

My reading of the OP’s original request is that he has “not done” tasks in Archive and doesn’t want to see those in a search of “not dones.”

IOW, if he has project X, Y, and Z, as well as Archive, and all four have “not done” tasks in them, then he wants a search of “not dones” to only show those in X,Y,Z, without seeing those in Archive.

But I could be wrong in my interpretation, too.


@taskinator That is exactly what I am looking for.

@Victor 's solution will still show the archive project.

Hi jTaylor. sorry for the late response. I was out of the country. There are a couple of ways to accomplish what you want. This will be determined by how you archive things.

  1. Do you archive done items once the uppermost parent it done or as soon as the task is marked as done?

If you archive your done tasks regardless of the status of the parent project or task, then it is easy.

* except @archive///*

But… let’s say that you don’t do that. Let’s say that you wait till the parent task is completed, or the parent project. Then,

* except (@done///* union @archive///*)

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