How to clear default tags


Hello again, Now that I am back to using TaskPaper as much as I am, I am wanting to clear up my interface just a bit more. At the moment, I am using certain key apps for certain key processes. I am not using TaskPaper to track start times or dates. At some future point I may try that. For actual scheduling, I use BusyCal. I output a daily schedule template for note taking on a BusyCal Notes field every day using Typinator.

My question is, how can I delete the tags in the TaskPaper sidebar which are not mentioned in the .less file and for which have no actual tags? They add clutter to my interface. They sit amongst the tags I have created that I use often. They are all time sensitive tags which I already mentioned is not of interest in my use of TaskPaper right now.

I would love to get rid of: @due, @start, @today.



Go into TaskPaper’s application support folder… one way to do this is Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder, then go to that folders parent folder. Once there find the “Configurations” folder, and inside that folder you will find a “tags.taskpaper” file. Open that and you can edit “Include Tags” which always show in the sidebar even if not in your document, and “Exclude Tags” which never show in the sidebar, even if they are in your document.

Deleting Tags from list

Excellent. Thanks very much.

I moved all those preinstalled tags to Exclude so I can use them at a later date if I wanted to.

Exclude Tags: @search @due @start @today

One odd thing I just noticed after doing this, “@today” is still active. It is gone from the sidebar, but as I entered notes to myself on doing this for future reference, I put in all the tags in my notes. Only “@today” became active - even in the middle of a sentence. The other two did not. TaskPaper also puts @today in the sidebar as it is now seeing it as an active tag. Easy enough to fix by surrounding it in quote marks. Just letting you know.


This is absolutely great - thank you!