How to capture tasks (inbox) on iOS?


I’m loving the new 3.5 release on Mac and it’s my favorite way of keeping track of my tasks. I’d also like to keep track of (at least new) tasks on my iPhone while on-the-go. I’ve currently figured out the following strategies for keeping track of at least adding new items and possibly also getting an overview of current items:

  • Dedicated iPhone (Taskmator)
  • General purpose iPhone app (Editorial, 1Writer)
  • Append/prepend to Dropbox via app (Launch Center Pro, Workflow)
  • Import reminders (3.6 release)

Some of these strategies are slightly problematic because of file sync issues (e.g. Editorial). I’m wondering what all of you are using to capture / review tasks in Taskpaper on the go. Also examples of workflows you’re using are also welcome :slight_smile: Thanks for your suggestions!


Of course it all depends on your preferences, but I think the “official default” answer going forward will be to use import. I think that’s the simplest solution with the best user experience. Least setup, work with Siri so you can skip typing on your phone. I would classify all the other options more complex, but maybe necessary depending on what you want from your system.