How does my license work?

My general intention is that each TaskPaper license is either for single computer with lots of people (such as computer lab or something like that), or single person with multiple computers. You can purchase a TaskPaper license in two ways:

Direct Download License

When you buy the direct download version of TaskPaper from you get a 1 week trial. After that you must buy TaskPaper to keep using it. If you decide to buy the license you will purchase it from, my license/payment processor. They will send you a license key that you enter into your TaskPaper license window.

Your license is allowed three “activations”. That means you can install TaskPaper on three different computers using the same license key. If you are replacing a computer use TaskPaper > License > Deactivate to deactivate that license so that you can use it again on your new computer.

Contact Paddle if you run out of activations, they can help!!!

Mac App Store License

When you buy TaskPaper through the Mac App Store Apple keeps track of your license. It’s associated with the Apple account that you were signed into when you purchased TaskPaper in the Mac App Store.