How do I select a theme in TaskPaper 3?



I’ve read, but can’t seem to find how to select a different theme. Have I missed it? There’s a lot of information on creating a theme, but I can’t see how to choose one.

How do I select a different theme?




At the moment, there’s only ever one active theme, and it’s in this file:

~/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper/theme.less

So, to “select” a different theme, you’d overwrite the contents of that file with the new theme. It’s not ideal, and @jessegrosjean is working on a better system.

What I do is keep my themes in that folder, with the theme’s name as a suffix. So, I have “theme.less.matt”, and “theme.less.solarized-dark”, and so on. When I want to switch themes, I do the appropriate overwrite in the Terminal, e.g.

cd ~/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper/
cp theme.less.solarized-dark theme.less

TaskPaper’s UI will update live if it’s open while you edit (or overwrite) themes.


Thanks, @mattgemmell

Useful tip :slight_smile: