How do I deactivate the license on a 3.3.2 copy of task paper?


I’m upgrading an older work computer that’s on OS X 10.10. That computer can’t run a newer version of TaskPaper than 3.3.2.

I got the new computer running 10.11 to replace the old one, but when i installed TP I got the message telling me I’d used all my activations. The FAQ says to deactivate the copy on my old computer, but as far as I can tell, that older 3.3.2 version doesn’t have a way of deactivating my license. What can I do? I’ve deactivated TP on another system so I can get going, but I don’t want to lose one my activations on the old computer.


Sorry for the trouble, please email me ( and I can fix the issue. Paddle (who’s licensing software I use) also tells me they are working on a way for you to manage your licenses on their website. But until then just email me (including your email address that you registered your license with) and I can fix the problem.