How do I change leading?

In FoldingText I could add line height to projects (or maybe it was margin-top or padding-top). Is that doable in TP3? I would have thought I could add code to:

item[data-type="project"] {

but no dice.

I see from an earlier post that Atom complicates things, but I am under the impression we’ve left Atom.

Yes, you are correct TaskPaper 3 isn’t implemented with Atom, and the view layer isn’t implemented in HTML/CSS. I just use LESS/CSS syntax to set native styles.

This should work for setting line height:

item[data-type="project"] {
  line-height-multiple: 2;

I don’t use the normal CSS line-height because it has lot of features that I can’t easily support. So instead I just support setting a line height multiple.

There isn’t any support for top/bottom spacing.

Thanks for the explanation, Jesse. This isn’t quite what I want since it adds space both above and below the text. Open to other ideas. But of course (!) I don’t need a solution now and am certainly happy to wait for documentation to play around with some other options. :smile: