How can I improve the Hog Bay Software newsletter?

I’m interested in any feedback on how to make it better in the comments.

One thing that I’m thinking about is schedule/frequency. To this point the newsletter has been software release driven. As a result there’s no schedule, generally it seems to average out to around once a quarter that I send it out. I’m considering trying to make it more schedule based, once a month. This way it would show up when expected, and I would have room for more community news, tips and tricks, etc content. Basically a place to learn about things without having to keep up in the user forums.

What would you like?

  • Keep newsletter software release based
  • Change newsletter to monthly schedule, with more community and tips & tricks content

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Tricks and tips content sounds great!

I would be pleased with scheduled releases and more content in the newsletters, but monthly seems like a bit much — I wouldn’t want you to be taking that much time away from writing code! What if you committed to a quarterly schedule?

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@Jim @alanreedwrite Maybe not the level of tip/trick that would interest you, but I’m going to start a series of screencasts that focus on (and help illustrate) pages in the users guide. Here’s a first try:

Thoughts for improvement welcome!


That is a great start! Informative, yet concise. One technical suggestion: you may want to look into that foam that sound studios put on walls. Your voice has a bit of an echo. Nothing major, but it was noticeable.

And yes, these may be basic, but I will watch them—you never know when you may be reminded of a tip that you forgot about.

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Yes, very useful for newbies. Keep the tutorials coming!

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Thanks… tipped me over the edge to get a proper mic. Also inspired me to upgrade my screencast software so I can show a proper cursor. Anyway I reshot the screencast, much better now!

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I’ve posted another tutorial on tags here:

Hands-on tips and how-to in a simplified format (meaning: headline or description of what the tip is about and then a link to see/read about it) is immensely helpful, especially to newbies like myself.

You’ve created an amazing set of apps. I often feel that I don’t even begin to understand how to properly utilize them.

Thank you for asking this question and accepting our feedback.

~ Kindly

Thanks, do the screencasts work for this? Or if not could I adjust them a bit to make them better?

My plan right now is to make the screencasts the primary alternative to the denser user’s guide. My hope for the screencast format is that it will both show the general feature that they are focused on, while at the same time showing me interacting with the app. And hopefully you’ll learn little tips from seeing me use the app.

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Yes, screencasts would be great!

You’re a great instructor and I find it easy to understand and follow your training and instruction videos better than any others I’ve viewed for any other app.

Thank you for just getting to the point and showing us what’s what.


As far as “making them better” … my only thought at this point (since I am still learning), is to set them up like someone might use TaskPaper from start, to finish and in-between.
For example: create a quick task keyboard shortcut / edit or add to that task with keyboard or menu bar / potentially recall that task in Spotlight or Alfred/Launchbar/etc / change the task into a project / keyboard shortcut to mark as done.

Things like that. I hope that makes sense.

I am coming at this as a new user and someone who has a bunch of stuff constantly coming and going, so being able to quickly call up TaskPaper and make additions or changes; that whole process, is key.

Thank you for asking.


PS: Love, LOVE, LOVE the export to Reminders lists and the functionality of being able to choose which list to export to. #Awesome