Hotkey hover, a keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet overlay

If Bike had a “doorbell” (press to reveal, release to hide) hotkey that popped a “modal” list of all keyboard shortcuts, floating above the content, it would utterly unlock Bike.

The precision of thought and execution that you put into Bike Jesse is exemplified by the utter delight that is the “L” shaped carrot for formatting; poetry in UI. It is this soaring level of quality that makes me all the more sad when, returning to Bike after a few days or weeks, I realize that the wonderful array of keyboard shortcuts that I want to use are for the most-part painfully hidden away in the Mac menu bar.

It is disproportionately off-putting. Hotkey hover would be disproportionately attractive.

If there’s a bounty option for paying for this, I’d like to contribute.

Cheers, Alan

KeyCue does quite good job of that:


Thanks, will go back to that, had it years ago when all I did was dev on a Mac and forgot about it (Googled and somehow missed that).

I wonder if it would, however, still be a killer feature (much better than? (no idea at this point)) a third-party app (and $) to add to Bike?

Just tried latest KeyCue. Wow, impressive. Thank you again @complexpoint for the reminder to look at this Ergonis app.


KeyClu works similarly, but is free and has some different features like a pinnable panel. It also integrates with another useful free app, CustomShortcuts.