Hope to increase the support for markdown

Hope to increase the support for markdown, if I can support markdown, I can use bike as the best auxiliary software (I need deep links to bike)

Whether bike is inspired by FoldingText, if FoldingText supports markdown, why not support markdown? after all, md is a universal format and is easier to edit.

I do hope to eventually add more support for Markdown, but it won’t be for a while. Big tasks that take priority are themes, outline filtering, and iOS.

Ha… that’s actually a big reason why I stopped development on FoldingText and switched focus to Bike :slight_smile: For my use and preferences Markdown became more of a complicating factor then a helpful one.

If I do get to adding better support for Markdown it will be as a supported file format, but you will still use the same rich text editing in the outline editor. Anyway, I don’t think there’s a possibly that I’ll take this up until at least next summer.


Ok, but hopefully we can get the other priorities out of the way and put markdown on the list when we’re done. Thank you

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Actually the function of pandoc to convert between md & html solved some of my needs. (If you’re in a hurry


I would like to see export to markdown. I use Obsidian MD and would love to be able to draft in Bike Outliner and then be able to export to MD so that I pull into Obsidian.