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Had been a FT and TP user before. Love Bike!

Question: How and when do I use the home icon on the bottom left? Thanks, (screenshot below)

screenshot 2023-05-15 at 21.25

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Thank you!

The home icon because useful when you Outline > Focus In to a second of your outline. It helps in two ways… first it becomes dark and enabled, giving you indication that you are focused. And second it allows you to focus out to a higher level…

With that said I’m now in the process of adding better focus and navigation indicators and UI. These new features will likely make the home button redundant and I’ll remove it then. You can try out the new features in the 1.12 preview release:

Thanks. Almost forgot to check the “Focus In&Out” feature. It is a useful feature.

One more thing…would it be possible to trigger Focus In&Out with a mouse cursor?

It seems I can only use the shortcut to trigger.

If you command-click on a disclosure triangle it will focus in/out instead of fold the row.

Good to know. Thank you. :smile: