Highlighting in themes on non-tag or link based parameters

Something I couldn’t find documentation or examples of, was the ability to arbitrarily highlight/colour items in a taskpaper file, using Less where it was not an item or link or such.

In particular, the use case specifically, is that I often use +Name of someone in a file to show that I’ve delegated something to that person, an @due and an @week based on when I need to check on them again. I wanted to have some sort of highlighting on the +SShekey to help me note there is a delegated item there as well as having it searchable on clicking (mostly so I have a nice list of everything for that person when following up with my reports etc.).

Is there a way of doing that under the current support the less theming has in Taskpaper (the use case is similar to links, obviously.).


Out of interest, why not just use @PersonName or @delegate(PersonName) tags for this? Genuinely curious— I also track delegated tasks in my TP/FT file…