Hiding @today task from sidebar

A trite question, perhaps, but is there any way to hide the @today tag from the sidebar? I do not plan to use it, and it does seem a little distracting precisely for that reason. Thank you.

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Not trite in my opinion, as one of the benefits of using TaskPaper is that you can customize it (unlike apps like OmniFocus, which forces you to do many things it’s way).

I think you can remove @today from the defaults, and it should not show up afterwards. I’m typing this on a train, on my iPhone, so I can’t verify it immediately. Try it out.

1.Choose the menu item: Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder
2. Locate the “Configurations” folder, which is a sibling to the “StyleSheets” folder
3. Edit the contained “searches” or “tags” configuration file. 4. As soon as you save your edits TaskPaper’s sidebar should reflect the changes.


@Jim thanks a lot, this worked!