Hididing done tasks


Hi there,

I don’t know how you think about that but I’d absolutely would love to have the option to just hide all Tasks that have been done X days before.

I do like to be able to see all done tasks and projects just in one document (weekly, monthly review for instance) but on the other side most of the time I do not need to see stuff I’ve marked as done a few days ago.

I think that would be really outstanding, what do you think? As I’m no programmer at all I’m not sure if this would be overkill.



Are you looking for a saved search like:

Except long done @search(* except @done <[d] -7d)

or, more simply and efficiently (single search set, rather than intersection of two):

Except long done @search(not @done <[d] -7d)

(a view for your sidebar which hides lines completed more than a week ago)

Or perhaps a script which clears things out to an archive file after a while ?

(Monthly and weekly reviews could be saved searches in the sidebar of the archive file)



I thought about some option… BUT this is really cool. Thanks. I need to study searches and filters more. I guess I could really do a lot of great stuff with that!