Hide Window Title Icons


In macOS System Settings, there’s an option called ‘Show Window Title Icons’.
Could you make TaskPaper work with the option? I find the document icon distracting and would be grateful to be able to hide it.



I can’t really see what that setting is supposed to be doing. I am trying Apple’s TextEdit and Pages apps and toggling that setting and I don’t see any difference. The only place where I see a difference is in Finder windows.

The setting is for hiding/showing proxy icon and it works for apps with the new Unified toolbar. Basically more updated look since Big Sur.
Besides Apple Finder and Preview, several document-based apps (like your TaskPaper) featuring that are:

I did further research and had a look at CotEditor’s source files (available on GitHub)
The screenshot below shows how you can set a transparent unified toolbar (a much cleaner look, IMO) for a Mac app using storyboards.
Could you consider this change for Taskpaper?

I’m sorry I missed your earlier reply. I see what you mean now.

Unfortunately I don’t really love that toolbar style. To me it makes the titlebar look to tall, especially with an app like TaskPaper that doesn’t have other toolbar items besides the title.

Thanks. You’re right about the unified toolbar.
What about adopting Transparent Title Bar?
I always hide the title bar for my swiftUI apps and it seems to give the apps a more modern, less disruptive look.
Could you consider that change?