Hide top level projects?

I use top level projects for grouping (areas of focus). But in todays view (filter @due and @today tasks) I’d like to hide those top level projects (parent groups). Is there a way to do this?

The scripting interface would allow us to hide top-level items with:

    x => editor.forceHidden(x, true)

There may, however be an aspect of it which I am misunderstanding – I had expected the second argument of forceHidden to yield a concealed subtree if true

(so that an application of forceDisplayed to the //@due or @today matches could then bring out the stars after twilight).

I haven’t yet managed however, to get that second argument of forceHidden to affect the visibility of descendants.

Perhaps Jesse can spot what it is that I am overlooking ?


Another approach might be this - using a general blackout filter (except //* ), and then forcing display of the matches for an itemPath supplied to withOptions

(scroll to select and copy all code, down to the line after return main();)

(() => {
    'use strict';

    // main :: IO ()
    const main = () => {
        const ds = Application('TaskPaper').documents;
        return 0 < ds.length ? (
                script: tp3Context.toString(),
                withOptions: {
                    itemPath: '//@due or @today'
        ) : 'No documents open in TaskPaper'

    // ----------------- TASKPAPER CONTEXT -----------------
    const tp3Context = (editor, options) => {
        editor.itemPathFilter = 'except //*';
            x => editor.forceDisplayed(x, false)
        return options.itemPath;

    return main();

Wow, excellent! Thanks! Will try out when I‘m at my desk.