Hide archives automatically?

I like the idea of archiving my @done tasks to keep a historical memory. But actually seeing the archives all the time is a total distraction.

So, is there any way for the Archive project contents to be hidden by default? Or I’d be just as satisfied if the “Archive @done items” command automatically moved the newly archived items to a different file. But anything that requires manual effort means I won’t use archives at all.

Thanks for considering.

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Are you talking about the sidebar here, or hiding in the main outline view as well? I agree the sidebar needs work and I commented some here. But in the main view I think you can just collapse the Archive so you will see it, but not what it contains?

It is possible to write a script to archive to a separate file. I know there have been scripts for TaskPaper 2 and maybe FoldingText that do this, not sure if one exists yet for TaskPaper 3. See if any of my ideas in the other thread seem like they would work. Otherwise I can help you get a script together that archives to a separate document.

Ohhhhh - I forgot about “Fold items”. I was looking for something like “collapse” or “hide”. “Fold items” works perfectly - nothing else needed.

Well, except for better documentation. The reason I didn’t discover this on my own is that I searched the entire guide for “collapse”, “hide”, “archive”, and “done”, and found nothing. I didn’t read the guide and thus didn’t find “Folding”. I did look at the TOC, but “Making big lists smaller” didn’t mean anything to me. So, I didn’t find it…


I’ve updated the guide to use the term “collapse” when describing folding so it will be a little easier to find.

I’m not sure about “Making big lists smaller”. It used to be titled “Focus, Fold, and Filter”. But that seems unintelligible to anyone who didn’t already know what they did. So I changed. Probably I really need to do some good short videos of the main features so people don’t get lost. As simple as TaskPaper is there are certainly a few secret handshakes that must be known to use it well.

How about adding a paragraph about how to use done and archive, and then add a bit there about how you can use folding to hide the archives?