Help with taskpaper.vim

Not sure it’s appropriate to ask for help with taskpaper.vim here, but thought I’d give it a try.

I’ve had taskpaper.vim running in MacVim for several years. Recently I’ve been trying to get a version of my MacVim setting working in iVim on an iPad. At this point everything is working except taskpaper.vim. There is no highlighting in taskpaper files and the taskpaper commands have no effect.

The iVim installation of taskpaper.vim is a manually installed copy of the installation executed via vundle in MacVim.

I have no idea where to look in diagnosing/resolving the problem. Help appreciated.

Sorry I can’t help, but I’m happy for you to post any TaskPaper related question here.

Happy to help if I could, but until your post I had never heard of MacVim. TaskPaper is a great product and Jessie is a very attentive developer. Welcome.

Thanks for offering to help.

As I indicated, taskpaper.vim runs fine in the vim installation (MacVim) on my MacBook. Not so the iVim installation in my iPad. Other plugins—e.g., vimwiki, work fine.

Task paper in the other hand is not working at all. I’ve double checked that all the required files are present. But I’m not getting highlighting and the taskpaper commands have no effect.

Don’t know if that gives you enough information to work with.

Thanks again.

Wow. I didn’t even know that they had vim for the iPad. Probably your best bet would be the ivim forum. Maybe you can see if anybody had any other problems getting a new syntax to be recognized by ivim and how they solved the issue. Once you get the syntax figured out you can then move into getting the other part of the problem figured out.