Help menu item in TP3?


First of all, @jessegrosjean; kudos for your work on TP. I am using it since version 1.something and the recent builds are really great. TP3 is already a fixed part of my productive workflow.

A few weeks ago I have started to build scripts in order to get some individual features. But what I am missing is a script menu in TP3 (sorry if this was already discussed earlier). I know there is a system wide AppleScript menu, but honestly I don’t like to use this because it’s a complete mess. I really like to see a dedicated item (text or symbol like in BBEdit).


This won’t be in the initial version 3.0 release, but it’s also something that I’ve been thinking about recently. Scripting is of course a key feature of TaskPaper, and it should be easy for users to run scripts quickly without using a third party tool I think.

With that said I’m really not sure what the best way to do it is. It used to be that most scriptable apps had a built in script menu. And to me that seems like a reasonable approach. But app supplied script menus seem very uncommon now. I’m not sure if they are actively discouraged by Apple?

I know there is a system wide AppleScript menu, but honestly I don’t like to use this because it’s a complete mess

As I remember it that system-wide script menu is the official solution now days. Though its hidden by default and so I think only dedicated scripters from before will ever find and user it. Is there a particular aspect of it that makes it a mess? Truth is I don’t run many scripts myself (ha, I just build features into the apps! :)) and so I don’t have a feel for what’s the best way to do it, or what are problems with current implementation. I do know that lots of people here seem to run there scripts through Keyboard Maestro. Maybe using that is a better solution them me building something lesser myself?

Back when script menu’s were the norm I remember there were a number of open source libraries that made these pretty easy to add in a standard way. You just added the code to your project and they would generate the script and keyboard shortcuts for you based on scripts in your application support folder. Is anyone aware of any active libraries that will do this? I was just searching a few days ago and couldn’t find anything that looked alive.


Sorry, but Keyboard Maestro is - at least for me - a total overkill.


I launch all of my TaskPaper and FoldingText scripts with Alfred. That seems to work very well and easy to keep organized.


Thanks, I’ll check out Alfred…