I know that to even suggest the following won’t make me the most popular person on the TaskPaper forums. But, I gotta say it, I wish there was a way to add a graphic image to a TaskPaper document. I know, it’s a text tool and a very good one at that.

I am getting to the point in a very large project where I have to start adding in graphics here and there. Usually this means that soon I will have to port my TaskPaper organizations in this project to my word processor (Nisus) to get ready for final revisions and output. And, all that is fine with me. It is just that, TaskPaper has made the organization of so much information very easy to do - OK, relatively easy to do as this project has been a major headache.

I don’t expect that Jessie would have in mind to add inline graphics anytime soon or at all in the future so I am not offended if this idea is of little interest to others in the Hog Bay community.

Perhaps in the future I will finally start learning to use Scrivener as I believe Scrivener allows creative organization while writing - and the use of graphics too. Even so, I find TaskPaper very easy to use, easy to customize, and it does such a nice job with setting up embedded searches and custom tags as well as collapsing or focusing on sections as I organize my document as I am still creating it.

Still, I see using graphics in TaskPaper as a wish worth mentioning here. Ah well, there, mentioned it, moving along. :wink: