Google Docs <—> Taskpaper sync

Google Docs (bullets) to and from Taskpaper sync

one use case: you want to collaborate on your notes with others (google docs is collaborative with comments and threads etc)

anyone try this yet? right now, i have a google doc and i want to send it back to taskpaper. presumably, you need a script that can access taskpaper/filesystem txt file and also googleapis to get the data and then do some transformations on the content

I vote + for this, anybody?

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May depend on what you really mean by sync, but really syncing, while possibly feasible with a lot of work, is certainly non-trivial.

@purple may answer better…

I ended up obviating the need for this by building an AI that can interact with taskpaper directly, without having to go through Google Docs or another intermediary writing platform.

however, @amelchi if you are seeking to build something like what I had originally proposed, then I could help guide you, although I don’t plan to build it myself. should probably take a few hours for someone experienced.

the idea is that google docs (or other doc platforms) can represent Taskpaper (or specific Taskpaper projects) by way of using nested bulleted lists. you can, then, build a system to sync data across both platforms by taking taskpaper content and applying it to a google doc, or looking at the latest google doc and converting the bulleted text back to taskpaper indented format and splicing it in the right place in the taskpaper file.

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very interesting!
My goals since a lot of time were to have the possibilities to use TP

  • on iOs
  • in the web
  • on Windows
    Do you think AI can help?
    Do you mind to share your AI trick/set? I am completely dummy on AI…

Thanks a lot

on iOS → after a lot of testing and consideration, I use Editorial app. it has the basics to get you started. I wrote an app on top of it to make it more usable with Taskpaper, but you don’t need all that

in the web → no good solution right now, but this person was working on a web version

on windows → idk i dont use windows. but if there was a web version you could make a windows version easily by wrapping it in an app

ai → its a custom app I built for my machine. you’d have to host a server and other very technical things