Go To Project with Cmd + L not working



Function - “Go To Project” with Cmd + L not working

Someone else have this problem with TaskPaper 3.0.1 is this fix 3.1 beta ???

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CMD-L only works when the project sidebar is hidden.


I think it is working, just maybe in an unexpected way. When the sidebar is visible “Go to Project” just changed focus to the sidebar. When the sidebar is hidden “Go to Project” shows a popup project list.

In both cases the functionality is almost exactly the same… with that said I do see how it can be confusing. Would your vote be to always just show the popup?


I think it’s works fine now, if you know how it works.

For user perspective i think when sidebar is visible or not that CMD-L show the Project list as Popup is better.


Agreed - even though I know they behave pretty much the same, I still find myself confused when I press Cmd-L and nothing obvious appears to happen when I have the sidebar open.

I think having the popup open whenever I press Cmd-L irrespective of the sidebar visibility would be much more sensible.

(first post after a long time away from TaskPaper, good to be back and enjoying v3!) :smile: