Functionality to lock documents from edits

Would be useful to have option to lock & unlock a document from edits. Numbers app (apple) has this and probably others.

So you can have a bike document open as reference but not accidentally edit something.

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In the meanwhile, you can display the content of a Bike document,
(in a non-editable form)
by opening it in a browser.

(Drag the file icon from the top of a Bike window onto the Safari app icon, for example, and then close the document in Bike itself)

(or, similarly, in Marked 2)


You can already prevent a file from being edited from Finder:

  1. You can “Lock” the file from the “Get Info” popup from Finder and tick the “Locked” checkbox. This will prevent from editing the file. (Link)

  2. You can create a template or “Stationery pad” from the “Get Info” popup from Finder and tick the “Stationery pad” checkbox. This will open a copy of the file when you open it with an application (Link)

Hope this helps!