Focused project name in the window title


Has this feature been removed? Now that project names are not displayed in the editor when focusing, it would be handy to have them displayed at the window title. I know I can see the project name highlighted in the sidebar, but I like to have the sidebar hidden.

It would be even better if this was applied to filter names too. The rule would be: the selected item in the sidebar is displayed in the window title after the file name.


Good question… my memory is failing me, I have no clue.

I can see the change in github, but it grouped in and documented as some other changes. So yes, it got removed, but I don’t remember why. I guess I’ll add it back and see if that reminds me.

That change was just temporary. Project names will again be displayed in the next release, but in a better more flexible way. In particular you’ll be able to insert text above the focused project as you could in TaskPaper 2.