Focus In

I love using Focus In. It is a great part of using TaskPaper. One idea to pass on, it would be so nice if using Focus in, and then Focus Out, led back to where you were before focusing in. As it is, Focusing Out goes to a total Focus Out - using the whole outline. Makes sense I suppose.

I don’t know how others are using TaskPaper but, I am making good use of searches and tags. When I am working on a section of a project - found in the found set of the search and I use Focus In, that is great. But then when I try to Focus Out to return to that set, it is a totally different place it takes me to (the whole outline instead of the found set from the search or tag search where I was already working prior to hitting Focus In). I have to remember the search or the tag set I was working in before I hit Focus In and then re-trigger the same search. And, I can do that but …

It would be very nice if Taskpaper could remember where I was when I hit Focus In. Then, using Focus Out would return me to my work flow. Perhaps by adding it as an option key so that a key combination could trigger it differently than the standard Focus Out? I am not suggesting there is no reason for the now standard Focus Out. But as I have outlined, there is also a good reason for using Focus Out to return to where I was working before hitting Focus In.

I don’t know if this is possible but, it would be very nice if it could do this.

ADDED: This would be similar to standard HTML browser behavior where the back arrow takes you back to the last page viewed.