Find Behavior

I was just noticing that Find in TaskPaper doesn’t work for the entire document. There was a balanced discussion on this a while back where both sides were argued, for and against a global find vs a project specific find as it now set up to be.

I am using TaskPaper to manage all my projects. That is, I am using Freeter to manage the actual projects and TaskPaper to manage the doing of the projects. Using Keyboard Maestro, I was experimenting to see if when I went from Freeter to Taskpaper and was looking for a specific project, if I could trigger TaskPaper’s Find command and paste in the search term and then go to it in Taskpaper.

This does not work because it would mean having an ability to search globally which TaskPaper currently does not have - see discussion in earlier thread, referenced here.

Couldn’t we have it both ways? Use of a modifier key such as shift could make a global vs local search, or vice verse?

Now that I see how this works, I will have to give up thinking of using TaskPaper for searching other than using tags or setting up searches beforehand. I like what TaskPaper already does, but it seems a shame not to be able to search out your data globally. This is not about Finding and Replacing, this is about “going to” an instance of the data - if it occurs.

This is not about Finding and Replacing, this is about “going to” an instance of the data - if it occurs.

Is your goal to search for something that’s formatted as a project, or the ability to go to an instance of data, no matter what format it’s in? The “Go to Anything” in the Palette menu is a little misleading, since it’s not actually a global search, but it would let you go directly to something that’s formatted as a project, tag, or saved search.

Thanks for the tip. That tip will help me find items in the sidebar (tags, searches and projects). That could be useful. But, unfortunately, it is still not going to work to locate something in TaskPaper as a global search.

If I am working on something in Freeter and I want to move to TaskPaper to follow up the same thing, naturally I want to open Taskpaper and search on that term, be it a word or a phrase. Currently this is not possible.