Filter Groups: # and @

TaskPaper is great; I just have a basic feature request.
A feature request to add # hashtags as a filter group option.

I usually use @ for people and # for groups.

It would make TaskPaper more powerful and maintain simplicity to allow people to assign additional filter groups beyond the current @ sign. An additional (future) extension could be a hook for certain filter groups. For instance, @ can perhaps integrate with an external API.


To this point I haven’t implement it because I don’t think the added complexity (adding to file format that lots of other apps are using) is worth the benefits.

If I did implement it I think it the standard interpretation would be to map people to @ and tags to #. Unfortunately that would somewhat break all existing files which use @ for tags. And I think the number of people tagging people is actually pretty small right now. So big change for limited benefit.

Long term if I added some integration with address books (or something like that) so that I could add extra value by distinguishing people from tags … then I might head in this direction. But unlikely until then.