File(s) to open by default?

I’d like a Preference where I can set (at least) one file that is opened whenever TaskPaper launches.

Something like this is on my todo list.

I’m not sure when it will get done or how it will be implemented. But lots of people want this. In the meantime there is: How do I make TaskPaper restore open documents when it starts?, though I realize it doesn’t always work the way that people want.

Any news on this feature?
It would be much appreciated.

It’s not something I expect to work on soon. It’s still on my long term list, but not a high priority.

For me the default “restore open documents” provided by the system frameworks is already working pretty well. Every time I open TaskPaper it restoring all the documents that I was previously working on, works great for me.

Thank you for getting back to me. I just have the stupid habit of closing windows with command-w (in single window apps like itunes etc it makes no difference if i use command-w or command-h. :dizzy_face: oh well. anyway – thank you for your cool app!

Hi Jesse. First, Thanks for maintaining such a great app.

You’re right in putting this on the long term list, as it’s not really needed if you have your System Preferences set up to restore all open documents.

Everyone, if you want TaskPaper (and all other apps on your system) to automatically re-open documents and windows, deselect “Close windows when quitting an application” from the General pane of macOS System Preferences.

Meaning, you’d need to UNcheck this box:

Hope it helps.