File paths with spaces not working

Links for Files/folders with spaces not working:

Taskpaper 3.3.2
/Users/bill/Desktop/Test\ Folder (works)

Taskpaper 3.5
/Users/bill/Desktop/Test Folder (does not work)

Thanks… I think the actually link behavior hasn’t changed. The issue is that your second example doesn’t have a \ before the space in the filename… as the first example does.

But the problem I think is that when you drag and drop a file onto TaskPaper it used to automatically add that formatting for you, it’s not now. I’ll try to get that fixed.


Sounds like you see the issue. I was in a hurry when I reported this and didn’t do a very good job. The results below are the results of a drag and drop operation (the resulting link is indicated by quote marks).

Taskpaper 3.3.2
"/Users/bill/Desktop/Test\ Folder" (This works)

Taskpaper 3.5
"/Users/bill/Desktop/Test" Folder (this does not work)

@jessegrosjean Have you considered making linking available? I know you are going to fix the drag drop linking feature, I am asking here about adding the hyperlink capability so you highlight selected text, select a menu option to hyperlink, paste in the URL. When you click on that word you are sent to that link destination, web page, folder, or file. Or perhaps there is a way to do this already? It’s been a while since I built a website from code but I think you can use an anchor that way. Can this be a part of what we can do in TP3?

<a href="">link text</a>

If I understand you correctly this is on my “eventual” todo list. Eventually “I think” I would like to make a few TaskPaper behaviors work on the rich text model, linking being one of them. When you save the link would get encoded in markdown syntax, but when you were using TaskPaper the link would be attached to a word and not directly editable unless you used a special “edit link” command.

Anyway this is not possible now. But I really don’t like big long links in my file, hope to get to it someday.

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You understand me correctly, yes. I find it very important when making lists and all that TaskPaper does to reference files folders and URLS. Maybe not in every place but quite often it is very important. Yes, big long links can really break up your flow. Please accept one users gentle but urgent enthusiasm on that eventual list for text anchored links. As always, thanks for listening.

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