File always closes with any pallette use

Hey all. Been a while, but I’m experimenting with TP again given my new career and accompanying new workflow needs.

I’m on 3.7.6, osx 10.12.6. Any time I try to do anything with the Pallette (go to search, go to tag, etc), upon executing the command my file is closed. It looks like the command is being executed (“Archive done” created an Archive project), but, literally every time, the document closes. This also happens if I click on “New Sidebar Search”.

Any ideas?

[EDIT: I replaced the searches.taskpaper and tags.taskpaper with the ones from @drootz tomorrow night stuff, and it’s not doing this anymore. I am so very confused. However, this is still an issue because the issue was happening on a clean install.]

I’m not sure… I don’t see that behavior in my setup. Is anyone else seeing this?

Do you know if just the document was closing or was the whole app crashing?

It was definitely just the document closing. Other documents in other tabs were unaffected, until I tried to use the pallette on them.

Please let me know if problem comes back so you are able to reliably reproduce it.

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