Feature Suggestion: Relative file references

I am not sure if this request is directly related to how Taskpaper works or the MacOS.

I would like to be able to put a Taskpaper document in a folder, then put files in the same folder, then put references to those files in Taskpaper.

Then, I’d like to be able treat the folder with the Taskpaper document and other files, as a “package” in that I can move that folder anywhere and the references in the Taskpaper document will still open the files in that folder.

Does anyone have insight into this possibility?

I think this is possible already. Please see:


Or for a quick example I have a TaskPaper file saved on my Desktop, and I also have a “Artwork” folder on my desktop. Here are two links, one absolute, and one relative to that folder:


Perfect. Thanks! :blush:

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