Feature suggestion: focus beam

I have been using Bike for over a week now (bought a license halfway through) on my large collection of outline formatted txt files.

I would like to propose a focus-beam feature. It would allow moving the focus up or down the tree (at the same level):
enter focus mode (option-command right)
option-command up or option-command down
to move up or down the tree at the same level

I think you can do this now with a script.

This script will “focus beam down”. You can modify it to “focus beam up” by replacing next sibling row with prev sibling row.

tell front document of application "Bike"
	if exists focused row then
		set each to next sibling row of focused row
		repeat while each ≠ missing value
			if name of each ≠ "" then
				set focused row to each
				set each to next sibling row of each
			end if
		end repeat
	end if
end tell
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@TrapezeArtist I’ve updated the script to use new properties that are part of Bike (50). Much simpler now. I also fixed a problem where the focus stack kept growing when changing focus to a sibling. Now when you focus out after using this script it should take you up a level right away.


Thank you very much, Jesse.

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