Feature requests: typewriter scrolling, and centered editor in full-screen mode

I use Bike for research papers, but when a document starts to get long, editing starts to get cumbersome. I feel two features would help:

I wish there was a typewritter- or overscrolling feature because typing near the edge of the screen looks too crammed. I feel this could be implemented via a toggle in the editor preferences. (Right now, I would focus out if there’s a parent item just so the item I’m working on is pushed up on my screen, but this only works when there’s a parent item.)

I also wish there was a feature to center the editor or add margins when in full-screen mode because the text can look too wide to be readable, especially in widescreen displays. Again, I feel this could be implemented either through a toggle or a slider (for margin values) in the editor preferences. (Right now, I use double line spacing to make the text more readable in full-screen mode.)

Thanks for your attention.

BTW, I love Bike. Thank you for developing the lightweight outliner I’ve long been looking for!


I agree on all points, I also want these features. I’m still trying to get more basic things working, but these are definitely in my todo list for future.


In the meanwhile I am personally using a combination of:

  • Desktop Curtain to hide the background, and
  • one of the many window managers to snap the Bike window to a central column of the screen (c. 1/2 total screen width)


Thanks, @complexpoint. I use Magnet to “center” my Bike window. I also use HazeOver to blur the background. Would you recommend Desktop Curtain over it? :slightly_smiling_face:

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These things are really a matter of cognitive taste anyway, and HazeOver at 100% with the same background color as the Bike editing window would amount to the same, I think : -)

( Desktop Curtain has a slightly smaller memory footprint, but neither is particularly significant )