Feature requests: Save All and Add Link.. shortcut

I have two requests for a future update to Bike.

First, it would be useful to have a Save All option on the File drop down, plus a keyboard shortcut, too. I often work on multiple tabs and it would save time if changes could all be saved at once.

Second, and Add Link… keyboard shortcut, would be very useful.



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In the meanwhile, you could attach a keystroke to a script like:

tell application "Bike" to save documents

In addition to utilities like Keyboard Maestro and FastScripts, you can, of course, also assign keyboard shortcuts through macOS System Preferences:

Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac – Apple Support

Thanks for these suggestions. I have Keyboard Maestro I’ll see if I can find some ideas from the forum on how to do this.

Assigning, for example:

  • ⌥⌘K to Add Link
  • ⌥⌘S to Save All

Two Bike Macros.kmmacros.zip (13.4 KB)

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Thanks very much for this. I was expecting it to be a lot more complicated to create these shortcuts in Keyboard Maestro. I’ll get this set up in the morning, thanks again.



I think for now I don’t want to add this… (Thanks @complexpoint for the script workaround). The reason I don’t want to add is because it’s not really a standard feature of Apple’s document based app architecture. Apple’s standard apps as far as I can tell; TextEdit, Pages, Keynote, etc don’t support, so it is unlikely that many people would find and make use of it.

Maybe a more important reason is that in Apple’s current document based architecture “Save All” isn’t so much needed. Documents are autosaved soon after you stop making changes, you generally shouldn’t need to manually save your documents to avoid losing changes. Instead saving is more about creating a version for the File > Revert To feature to find.

It is a bit confusing, and I don’t think Apple has done a great job of explaining how it all works. But it should never be the case on modern (macOS 10.7 and later) macOS that you lose data when you forget to save.

I might to do this eventually, but instead I encourage you to use Command-K to show formatting pallet and then type the single character l to add a link. I feel this is just about the same speed as defining a specific keyboard shortcut for “Add Link” and it only requires one keyboard shortcut. I am trying to not assign to many non-essential keyboard shortcuts, in case I want to add a feature down the road that really needs a shortcut … I don’t want to have used up all the good ones.

Of course for an existing menu item such as “Add Link” you can always assign your own keyboard shortcut if you want.

Thanks for your detailed reply and explanation, Jesse. I understand your reluctance to add shortcuts that aren’t standard. The Add Link… workaround is useful to know.

I’ve gone with @complexpoint’s Keyboard Maestro macros as they both do what I need.

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