Feature request :Workflowy like navigation,breadcrumb , inline paste image support like gmail


Will you implement workflowy like navigation , clicking on list items “zooms in” with breadcrumb navigation bar on top.

Feature of Inline image paste will also be good.


Doesn’t the sidebar serve this purpose?



navigating through deep nested list is difficult , also there is a case of “Where Am i?” feel in focus in mode . Clickable Breadcrumb on top would greatly enhance experience.

Clicking on Bullets resulting in “zoom” in addition to Clickable breadcrumb is far better than Ctrl+Cmd±>

Inline images will also be great


If you are dealing exclusively with nested lists, I could see this being more challenging. That said, nested projects (which is how I format things in TaskPaper) works very well using the sidebar for focus and navigation:

Using the above is easy, and the highlighted project in the sidebar tells you exactly where you are.

Inline images aren’t important to me, so I’ll refrain from commenting on those.