Feature request :Workflowy like navigation,breadcrumb , inline paste image support like gmail

Will you implement workflowy like navigation , clicking on list items “zooms in” with breadcrumb navigation bar on top.

Feature of Inline image paste will also be good.


Doesn’t the sidebar serve this purpose?


navigating through deep nested list is difficult , also there is a case of “Where Am i?” feel in focus in mode . Clickable Breadcrumb on top would greatly enhance experience.

Clicking on Bullets resulting in “zoom” in addition to Clickable breadcrumb is far better than Ctrl+Cmd±>

Inline images will also be great

If you are dealing exclusively with nested lists, I could see this being more challenging. That said, nested projects (which is how I format things in TaskPaper) works very well using the sidebar for focus and navigation:

Using the above is easy, and the highlighted project in the sidebar tells you exactly where you are.

Inline images aren’t important to me, so I’ll refrain from commenting on those.

I have to agree with the OP. The sidebar is convenient for quickly navigating between projects, but since it only displays projects, not nested lists, it’s an incomplete navigation solution.

Workflowy is the most successful and popular outlining app ever created. The reason for its success is its simplicity and intuitiveness. Click an item bullet to zoom that item and the breadcrumb instantly updates to show you all its ancestors. Workflowy makes no distinction between projects and tasks. In WorkFlowy, when you zoom an item, it becomes the active “project”.

You’re probably thinking, “if you like WorkFlowy so much, why not use it instead of TaskPaper?” Well, everything has its pros and cons. WorkFlowy is extremely elegant, but I dislike web apps. I prefer the speed of a native desktop app, having control over my own data and the portability of TaskPaper’s plain text file format. TaskPaper also has some features that WorkFlowy lacks. I find myself constantly torn between the two and I wish TaskPaper would just emulate two of WorkFlowy’s best features:

  1. Display a breadcrumb that shows all levels of the hierarchy, not just projects. I understand some users might not want the breadcrumb, so there could be a setting to switch it on or off.

  2. Click on a bullet to focus the item. It’s annoying to have to use a keyboard shortcut. Use disclosure triangles to expand items without focusing. Again, this could be an optional setting.

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I agree this could be useful as an option. I’ve resisted so far because it duplicates functionality also provided by the sidebar, and I’ve tried to avoid “two ways to do same thing” in TaskPaper.

I’ll revisit this decision in TaskPaper 4 timeframe. I’m afraid that won’t start until WriteRoom 4 is out though.

If you Option-Click on a bullet it will toggle focus of that item. Maybe this is what you mean by “keyboard shortcut”, though I think it’s easier then what I consider a “normal” keyboard shortcut where you must tap multiple keys at once.

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Thanks, Jesse. I wasn’t aware of the Option-Click shortcut, but it works well and I consider that an acceptable solution.

Do you have a planned feature list for TaskPaper 4?

No, other then it will take a long time :frowning:

The major new technologies will be a multi-file workspace and a new editor. I’m working on these things now for WriteRoom 4, then will reuse for TaskPaper 4.

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+1 thread. breadcrumbs would be nice. there’s a difference between hierarchy structure and breadcrumbs, as they provide different functionality. this is seen in other apps like finder (directory hierarchy + breadcrumbs), sublime (same thing), most other IDEs.

as long as it’s opt in! i’d rather not have it and maintain the awesome clean minimalism look than it be forced