Feature request: Maintain search when selecting tag


I’m using Searches as ‘views’ more than ‘just tags’. E.g. I’ve got a Today search that includes also a “Today” project I have: /Today//* union @today except @done. It would be great if I can select the tags in a current search instead of a general search - this means I could search for just @call items in my Today view. Is it possible to add this as a preference?


P.S. I know it’s also possible to make another view, but that would mean I have to make 5-10 tag-based extra search for another 3-5 views (Next Actions etcetera). A preference would be great and flexible!

This is a feature that I have on my list, but I don’t think I’ll start work on it in the immediate future. I think a script could implement the basics though. In the end I think your goal would be to append

 union @tagname

To the end of your search… I trim it from the end when toggling the tag off.

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