Feature Request: Inline images

I have been using TaskPaper for a long time now. The only additional feature I wish it had was the ability to insert images into a document.

I don’t except this anytime very soon. Though I’m slowly warming to the idea of allowing inline markdown syntax. That would be a required first step I think. Once/If I get that in place then inline images would be a next logical step. So remind me then?


I too would like to see this implemented.

How about starting with i.e. @image(…) tag, where content is base64 encoded image data? This way all remains in single, parsable .taskpaper file.

Editor could have two modes:

  1. basic, where @image(…) is shown as text (with tag content truncated perhaps, not to include tons of meaningless characters)
  2. expanded, where @image() is rendered as an image (surprise).

I use TaskPaper to write software specification for my customers, and would love to embed a small image every now and then.