Feature Request: Horizontal Divders


In the previous version of TaskPaper, we were able to add horizontal dividing lines to the styling of top level tasks. Any chance we could get this feature back? I have looong lists, and the visual break-up helped immensely.

Thanks much for considering!


I do expect to add more styling options (including horizontal dividers) eventually. Not sure when, but it’s on my list.


Horizontal dividers were such a small thing, but something I used all of the time. They would really be helpful once implemented.


I used an empty project as a divider for a while:


Give that a shot.


Chad, I just tried it and while it may not be as good as a divider, it does work pretty well! Thanks for the tip. That’s thinking outside the box.


Coming back every few months to bump this. :slight_smile:
I have the old TaskPaper on my home Mac, and it looks so much cleaner with dividers.
A small thing, but would make us OCD types happy! :wink:



A makeshift solution for this is to use a unique “divider” tag with custom styling.

With this @break tag:

Applying this custom styling:

item[data-break] {
  color: @background-color;
  > run[content] {
    text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleThick;
    text-strikethrough-color: lightgray;
  > run[link^="button"] {
    color: @background-color;
  > run[tag] {
    color: @background-color;
    text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleThick;
    text-strikethrough-color: lightgray;

Gives you this:

The tag is still there, you can see it when you highlight the line. With this styling, any other text on the line will also turn into a gray line, so you can make it as wide as you want: