Feature request for "pre-formatted" content

I’d like to propose a new type of entry, OR an optional modification of note.
What I’l like to be able to do, is paste content into a note, and NOT have taskpaper pick up and respond to formatting like - or : characters, or indentation.
Perhaps quoting text with special characters, e.g.

This is a Header:
  - this is an item
  ```this text:
    - has
      - no
   @special #meaning and treated as plain text

I don’t expect that I’ll add this. Instead I would suggest that you try out FoldingText which already support that notation and lots of other Markdown notation. I’d like to keep TaskPaper’s syntax as simple as possible.

Of course you’re the boss.

I’d like to frame this another way before I eternally rest my case:

Consider that in most programming/markup languages, literal strings can be created by putting content in delimiters. e.g. “this is a string”.
Now we have an issue: if our string itself is to contain the delimiter, we need a way to either escape the delimiter, or, use delimiters so unique, that they won’t be found in the string. e.g. “i said “this is a string”” or {{STRING}}i said “this is a string”{{STRING}}

There is not a single programming language or markup language I can thing of where they say “tough luck, we chose some delimiters and gave you no way of escaping them, so you just have to avoid using them altogether”.

But, it sounds like that’s what you’re saying here. Tough luck, I picked these special characters, and you can’t use them in your text without triggering specific functionality.

Also, I paid for and tried this if Folding text which has the exact same problem. :frowning:

See this discussion.

FoldingText support github Markdown syntax for code blocks which I think allow for this.

In FoldingText this is a header:

# header

But in FoldingText this is not a header because it’s wrapped in a github style codeblock:

# not header

Back to TaskPaper…

I still don’t see myself adding this to TaskPaper very soon, but if I did I don’t think I would take the github code block approach. Instead I would make it work like FoldingText modes. That is the ancestor item determines the internal behavior, instead of adding start/end marker syntax.

So for example (maybe):

This is a Header:
    - this is an item @mode(plain)
        this text:
          - has
              - no
         @special #meaning and treated as plain text

Does that solution seem reasonable. I don’t know that I will add it, but if it would solve your problem I will add it to my list of potential features.

Apologies, if it does work in FoldingText then I just haven’t figured that out. I need to play/read more.

I have no requirements for implementation details. I just used the github approach as an example.
Your example solution suits my needs.

Regardless of outcome, thanks for considering the feature.